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Tropical Heaven 2007

It was a FANTASTIC Grand Assembly! The Gregarious Grizzlies executed one of the best Grand Sessions ever. Here are some highlights.

- Saturday was Informal Opening. Cheyenne and the rest of the Grand Chior Girls walked into the Grand Assembly room singing "Bare Necessities" and Christie made sure everyone sitting around her knew that it was "her song".

- Saturday night meant our traditional dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory and all the first-timers had to eat with their hands! This year it was Aimee, Michaela, Francesca, and Sammy! Oh, and don't forget Mrs. Lloyd and Mrs. Terragano!

- Sunday meant Grand Initiation and even thought girls worked hard to pay attention, we still didn't win "Most Attentive". Although, it was widely considered one of the best initiations in years. The best part was the combo of instruments that added to the typical piano.

- After watching numerous awards given for various competitions, the girls decided they wanted in and will begin planning early this year!

- Sunday night was Revelations and nothing special happened...APRIL FOOLS! Santa Cruz got TWO grandies this year! First, Emily was announced Grand Rep. to MD/WV and then Andrea was announced Grand Fidelity! We ended up getting 3 Grand appointments in our District (Grand Love in Gilroy!) and 7 in our Area! What a night!

- During OV Awards, Santa Cruz was awarded Best Rainbow Flag Tribute. It was given by Emily (our new MD/WV) and may be the first time Santa Cruz won something besides "Best Food".

- Andrea and Emily looked radiant as they were installed and we all cheered as the official mascot name was given to the Grand Officers of '07-'08. They are the Boogie Woogie Bumble Bees!



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